6 Ways Technology Is Changing The Future Of Dental Industry

6 Ways Technology Is Changing The Future Of Dental Industry

The dental industry has been changing since its inception and will continue to change and evolve thanks to the ever-increasing technology. Amazing new technological inventions such as 3D-printing, smart toothbrush and augmented reality will revolutionize the dental industry and create more opportunities and growing competition. For dentists, they will be able to maximize their patient generation and retention. These are some of the top benefits that will make them stay one step ahead of their competitors.


That said, we have highlighted six major ways technology is changing the future of dentistry and oral health. These are basically technological inventions that are influencing today’s dental industry and how they are likely to change the same industry in 2018. These technological inventions also need to be paired with the best National Healthcare real estate brokerage you can find in order to help sell your new tech to customers. Read on to learn more.


Digital dentistry


Digital revolution has been transforming all industries, and dental industry is no exception. These are technological innovations that have also impacted the dentistry in several ways, from electronic dental record-keeping and analysis to innovative diagnostic tools and prevention methods. For instance, dentists are now using dental device or technology that incorporates computer-controlled components to carry out dental procedures unlike in the recent past when they used mechanical and electrical devices. Studies say that these technological innovations will continue to improve access to dental care, allowing patients to have same-day care. This will be an advantage to those without enough commercial medical Office Spaces because they will experience fewer office visits. Also, more high-quality digital information will become available to researchers leading to quicker dental diagnosis and treatment.

Next-generation devices for dental and oral hygiene


Some of the dental and oral problems can be prevented before they happen. Because of this need, dentists are advocating for the use of the latest devices for dental and oral hygiene. One of such devices is the smart toothbrush which makes a lot easier to prevent plaque or cavities and maintain oral hygiene. For instance, the popular smart toothbrush we have on the market today is the Kolibree smart electric toothbrush. This is an innovative toothbrush that comes with an app to help people brush their teeth the right way.


Several companies will also embark on introducing their version of smart toothbrushes on the market line with the recent trend of smart devices. We will see more of Bluetooth-connected toothbrushes, toothbrushes with screen LCD, toothbrushes with cavity sensors and much more.

Next-generation devices for diagnosis and treatment


The use of next-generation devices and equipment for diagnosis and treatment will become rampant in the coming years. In the past, we have seen dentists using different types of lasers for surgical procedures such as minor gum surgery. But in the near future, we may see these procedures performed by computer controlled lasers. New breakthroughs have also led to the creation of biomaterials that dentist use to fill dental cavities. For example, the University of Nottingham and Harvard University created a synthetic biomaterial that dentist say will allow tooth cavity to heal itself.


Oral cancel has also become one of the major health problems among the Americans. We already have VELscope device which has made earlier detection of oral cancer possible. More devices are likely to come up in future to deal problems linked to oral health. In addition to the above inventions, in the coming years, we are likely to see more advanced microscopic machines with the capability of restoring or straightening teeth.

Innovative devices for prevention


As the adage goes, prevention is better than cure. We have seen a wide range of dental and oral care innovations which focuses on prevention. For instance, we have talked of smart toothbrushes which come with all types of features such as cameras that map all areas of your teeth, a timer that keeps track of how long you brush and pressure sensors that warn you when you are brushing intensively. We will also see other innovators such as advanced sensors that might detect various diseases in the mouth tissue. In addition to detecting various diseases, these advanced sensors will also be able to sense bad breath, detect blood alcohol levels, monitor heart rate and do other amazing things just by placing them in the mouth.

3D bioprinting for regenerative dentistry


Even with all devices for dental treatment, teeth sometimes may require replacement with a bridge, crown or cap. The current technology uses CAD/CAM produce a resembling tooth from a three-dimensional scan. In the coming years, we will see 3D bioprinting advancing to the next phase. For instance, a team of researchers in the United States are working towards designing a 3D printer that could change the way complex dental procedures are performed. Some researchers like the ones at the University of Groningen are collecting recipes that could be added 3D printed teeth to fight decay. In fact, other types of bioprinting are also in the advancing stages. For instance, a group of researchers at Wake Forest University in North Carolina are at the advanced stages of building a jawbone using a mixture of live cells and gels.


Easy access to excellent dental care


The future of dental and oral care looks very different than what we see today. Various technological innovations that we have mentioned here and many others to come will help in the democratization of dental and oral care. This means that all patients, even those staying in remote places in future they will be able to get quick diagnosis and treatment of basic dental problems at the comfort of their home. Ultimately, those living in third world countries will be able to upload their dental information on Smartphones and get the same-day analysis.


In the near future, technological know-how will also become an integral part of a dental practice. Only complex and very difficult dental procedures that require dental expertise will be performed by dentists. So for dentists, they will require only a commercial medical office spaces where they will run their day to day businesses.

In fact, those are some of the major ways technology is changing the future of the dental industry. The future of dentistry is coming, and it will be amazing.



8 Tips to Consider When Buying or Leasing Commercial Space

Are you planning start or relocate your medical practice to a new place? If yes, then finding the best medical space for lease in your area will play a big role in determining the overall success of your practice. While adequate interior space and parking is usually provided, there are other crucial factors that you need to consider. Choosing a wrong, medical space for rent could cost you both clients and employees. When choosing an office space for rent, don’t just consider the current situation of your business, you also need to consider future needs of the business. In this article we are going to tell you important things that you need to consider when it comes to finding the right office for your medical practice.

1. Consider demographics

One very important thing that you need to consider when choosing a rental space for your medical practice is your target clients? Who are your clients and where are they situated? For example, if your area of specialty is cosmetic in nature, then it may be prudent to locate it in a high end neighborhood (white collar neighborhood). It is also very important to consider if the population is growing or stagnant. It is always easy to break into a community that is growing than a community that is already mature where you will be forced to compete with well-established medical practitioners who have been there for a long period of time. If you own a cosmetic practice some of the things to consider before renting a new space include income and education level. However, you need to careful on the assumption that you make. Take your time and conduct extensive research about demographic before you make your final decision on choosing a particular rental space for your medical practice.

2. Consider traffic patterns

What types of business are within the area that you are considering to rent a space for your medical practice? Are there popular commercial businesses such as supermarkets and banks? If a particular area has popular businesses, then the traffic patterns of that particular are is also high. In addition to that, upscale businesses usually attract upscale clients. Don’t just choose a particular renting space for your medical practice, make sure that you research on traffic patterns. Another very important thing that you need to consider is the side of the street that is most convenient for your patients. For instance, if majority of your patients make appointments during rush hour traffic when they are off from work, then you should choose office space that your patient can easily access during that particular time.

3. Consider competition

This is a very important factor that many medical practitioners overlook when choosing medical office for rent. It is not prudent to move a new location where there are several other medical practitioners offering similar service to what you are offering. The last thing that you want as a doctor is your patient to mistake your office with another doctor’s office. Before you make your final choice, do some little research to know the existing medical practitioners offering similar services. If the competition is too high, then abandon that particular area and look for another strategic place where there is less competition.

4. Consider partner business

Pharmacies, hospitals, medical specialists and laboratories are important allies that you should always look out for when searching for best medical office for rent. This will not only make it easy for to you execute your services to your patients but the location will also be convenient to your patients. You can work together with other stakeholders within the industry to ensure that you provide quality services to all your patients.

5. Inquire about parking 

Does the new space that you are considering to rent offer parking for your patients and employees? Is the parking close enough to the office and is it safe? These are a very important questions that needs to be answered before you make your final decision on choosing a particular renting space. It is will be very hard to attract or even retain your current patients if they struggle to find a parking space when they visit your office. Therefore, the new location that you choose should have ample parking area for both your staff and patients.

6. Consider security 

As a certified medical practitioner, you will be holding sensitive and personal data about your patients and staff. As a result, you need to ensure that you choose medical Office Space for rent that offers good security. Your staff and patients also need to feel secured. Find out the security measures that have been put in place then analyze to see if it is appropriate for your staff and patients. If the security is not sufficient, then don’t even think of renting that particular office.

7. Consider if the office offers the right signal

Before you choose a medical office space for rent, you need to consider the signal that you want to send to your clients. The office space that you choose will be much more than just a collection of cubicles. First impression is very important and will determine how your clients will perceive medical services that you offer. Patient are more likely to feel comfortable when they enter into an office that they see is will maintained. They also prefer offices that that are well decorated with clear signs that stand out from the rest. Office space that you rent should therefore send the right signal to your target audience.

8. Consider if the office is complaint with disabilities act

Before you choose a medical office space for rent, you need to make sure that the building is complaint with disability act. Some of your clients cannot use the same facilities as others because they are disabled. You need to choose a rental space that is also favorable to persons with disability so that you don’t end up losing them.

In conclusion, as discussed above, getting the best medical office space for rent is not difficult as many people think. However, there are very many factors that you need to consider in order to find a location that is convenient both for your patients and staff.

Tailgating and Sporting Events

With the Redskins Games set to continue into the regular season, thanks to a new bus company it is going to be easier for fans to to ride to Redskins Games on the Charter Buses in DC. Having to pack up your whole family or group of friends into a car, purchase tickets and concessions and still deal with traffic overload, can be an extremely stressful way to get to a place where you intend relaxing and having fun. Before you get to watch the Redskins you have to endure a hectic trip. Now there is a tour company that will offer Charter Buses DC from Richmond to the stadium when the Redskins are playing.

Package deals that include a ticket in the 400 level, a tailgate, transportation and ruffles and entertainment on the trip, will be offered to the fans. Fans no longer have to worry about making their way through all that traffic. This service has been brought to Richmond because of its success in other cities and in the hope that the distance between the fun and the fans is narrowed. The aim is to explore the city’s new connection with the Redskins team, with the excitement of training camp now over. These Charter Buses DC hope to fill a void and remove the transport hassle for fans.

Regardless of the special event you are planning, hiring Charter Buses DC, which cater for any occasion, either private or corporate events, you will find one that is suitable for you. Perhaps you and your colleagues want to attend a sports event such as a Redskins game and charter bus will be the most suitable choice of transport for your group. The size will depend on the number of people that will be attending as the buses are able to accommodate large numbers and you do not have to be limited to a single bus. Several buses will be provided if they are required.

Individuals will choose different styles of buses, depending on what the celebration is for. Many choose Charter Buses DC to celebrate weddings, proms, birthdays, family events or school events. You may want to hire Charter Buses DC for extended family members and transport them to and from the airport and celebration venue. A bus is the perfect vehicle when you have got many family members together and you do not own a vehicle that is able to accommodate them all.

Family members who have not seen each other for long periods of time may want to spend as much time together as they can, and traveling on a bus will allow them to do this. They can relax and enjoy each others company, sharing past experiences and catching up on new ones without having to be concerned about transportation or arriving on time. Charter Buses DC are fully equipped with all amenities that include toilets, air conditioning, curtains, audio systems and televisions, so that all passengers can sit back and relax while they are safely transported to their destination. On an occasion like this you can create many wonderful memories that you may want to relive again and again.

Traveling to Our Beloved District

DC Chillin, DC Traveling

Regardless of whether you are traveling to DC to attend an all-important business meeting or simply to spend your vacation, transportation and having a Washington DC Sedan service in your back pocket is going to be a major factor. You will need transportation right after landing to go to your hotel. Later on, you will need a vehicle to reach your other destinations as well. Now, you can pick the public transportation but then again, why not choose the Sedan DC to avoid all the hassles and DUI on the road.

Renting a private Sedan DC is going to be highly advantageous for several reasons. First of all, you can travel very comfortably and enjoy every moment on the road which is not going to be the case with the public transportation. If you are at DC for business purposes then this will also create a positive impression for you. Additionally hiring a private transportation will keep you relaxed. Secondly, by hiring a private Sedan in the city, you will be able to avoid DUI and reach your destination right on time. A well reputed company assigns a highly experienced driver along with their Sedan who knows all the streets very well. He will know what rout to take to reach your destination within the shortest period of time. Before being hired, companies conduct thorough background check of the drivers to make sure that they are clean and completely safe. So once you are inside the car, you will know that you are in safe and steady hands. And lastly (though not least), hiring a private vehicle will allow you to reach your destination within the shortest period of time. You Sedan DC will pick you up from the airport and drop you right in front of the entrance of your hotel. Later, it will again pick you from the spot where it dropped you and will take you to your next destination much faster than the public transport.

There are several companies available in DC who provides private transportation service within a certain radius. When it comes to choosing one, make sure that you are going for one that is highly reputed in the industry. A renowned company will have the best quality vehicles along with very experienced drivers so that you can travel with maximum comfort in DC.

Thanks to internet, these days you can have access to simply any kind of product and service right from your house by using a computer. If you are interested to hire a private Sedan DC for your upcoming trip, simply look online for the right service provider. Every company runs their own business website where you will get all the information that you need including-

– The type of vehicles available in their garage- Service charge- Package details etc.

If you have additional queries, you can always get in touch with them through e-mail, telephone or live chat support. While placing your order, make sure to have a clear understanding of the exact amount that you have to pay. A reputed company won’t get you confused with the hidden costs. So find the right company to hire your Sedan DC today. Avoid all the hassles and enjoy your time on the road during your trip.

Limos and Sedans Picking People Up

Sedans and Limos

A Limousine or sedan services in DC are regarded as one of the most exclusive forms of transportation of our time. Many individuals who cannot afford this costly experience, wish they had an opportunity to ride in this vehicle. Although a limo symbolizes wealth and extravagance, everyone has tightened their belts due to the changes in the developing world economy. Limousine services in Washington DC and Sedan services Washington DC are now mostly hired by organizations that use them exclusively for transportation needs. You will also find that Limo and Sedan Hire is still the top choice among agents or individuals of privileged identity. These vehicles are almost exclusively hired by VIP’s to shuttle them to social events or to local Airports. Sedan service Washington DC is still hired for their unique appearance and great designs which reflect luxury and wealth.

There are many Limo services available that offer exceptional service in the local area. If you are a business owner who has an upcoming corporate event and you have guests arriving from across the country, hiring a Limo and Sedan Service Washington DC to collect them from the Airport, will ensure that they are transported safely to their destination. By contacting a local Limousine Hiring service you will be able to make these arrangements and they will ensure the transportation is swift, secure and efficient. These limo companies are there to limit the stress from the transport arrangements of corporate events.

The Whitehouse is one of the main venues where you regularly view a magnificent gathering of Limousines and Sedans. These may also include executive sedans, Lincoln Town cars, Cadillac Escalade, SUV’s and others. These vehicles are purchased or hired according to the very exclusive requirements of the Whitehouse staff and international guests. To book one of these vehicles is a simple procedure and they are offered at rates that are set according to a traveling limit. They are available to anyone who is able to afford them, and who wishes to create a specific impression with the use of luxurious transport. You can lease a limo or a sedan if you need a vehicle to attend a special event or occasion.

Local Limo and Sedan Service Washington DC are perceived as experts and many of them offer services that are second to none. You may request speedy quotes when doing online reservations with these organizations. By comparing quotes you will be able to secure a limo service that offers reasonable rates without compromising on standards or quality. You need to to make sure that the company you do business with has an excellent track record and that they continue to consistently provide extravagant and luxurious means of transportation with quality service. There are limo services that provide affordable services countrywide at discount prices. Local Services in Washington DC cater mostly for Fanwood, Flemington and the Whitehouse. If you require the same type of excellence as the Whitehouse and are able to afford it, then you should look locally for a Limo service to do business with. The likelihood of receiving excellent service is very good.

Hire Our Limo In DC Metro Area

Limousines For Hire In DC Metro Area

Anyone who wants to hire a DC Limo service in Washington may do so, although some my question why one should hire a limousine at all? There are many reasons to hire a limousine.

Weddings are very special occasions and they usually have large parties of guests who require transportation from one destination to another. A special day requires a special type of transport and a DC Limo is without a doubt the best option for wedding guests to utilize. A limousine is often used to transport the wedding party, but it can also be used to chauffeur the bride and groom after the ceremony, to their honeymoon destination. New memories are made on your wedding day and a limousine service will start your day off in style. A limousine ride on your wedding day will help you experience the beauty of your city while sharing an intimate moment with your beloved. Travel in style to your ceremony and you will be sure to get there on time.

A DC Limo is a great vehicle and a transport option for a wild party. The tour operators who provide this service employ trained and professional chauffeurs who have all the skills and knowledge to operate these luxurious vehicles. The main aim of hiring a DC Limo for a party would be to view the beautiful city sights, visit the bars and clubs, while being driven around in comfort and safety. The drivers are concerned about the safety of their clients. Having fun and being safe, makes the occasion much more special and by hiring a limo you can avoid DUI’s. You do not have to worry about driving, so you can enjoy as many drinks as you like!

If you feel that romance is in the air and you want to impress, there is no other vehicles like a DC Limo as transport for your special night. You can take a drive to a fancy restaurant and enjoy a candle light dinner in the place you first met. A night drive looking at the beautiful sights will ensure you travel in comfort. A DC Limo is a symbol of class and enjoying your special outing with a very special person will make your experience great.

If you are a businessman you can hire a DC Limo to impress your clients. You can show then the beautiful sights and landmarks of your city and take them out to the best night spots. The limousine can transport your client from the office to the hotel. Hiring a DC Limo will make your business trip a success and win your clients over.

Hiring a DC Limo for a city sight seeing trip will ensure that you travel around in style. The comfort of the limousine and highly trained driver will make your trip more pleasant. Life is fun and we should enjoy every moment to the full. Visiting the sights in Washington brings you a fuller experience, especially when riding in a DC Limo.

It seems that everyone has enough opportunity in their life to hire a DC Limo, as there are many reasons for doing this. Limousines are available for anyone at anytime and they will make your experience much more memorable.

The Verizon Center is The Best

Verizon Center Limo Rides

If you are looking for a Washington DC Limo service for a group of friends and you are trying to find the cheapest prices around, you need to be aware that a cheap limousine does not necessarily men that the service is going to be sub-standard. If your group is looking for a ride to attend concerts at the Verizon Center in DC, you will find that some of the best limo companies charge the lowest rental prices. However, choosing the right company from which to hire a Limo in DC can be a daunting experience because there are so many of them! To narrow down the field you need to consider several factors before you choose.

Before making your final decision, you should compare services that are provided and prices of one limousine rental company with another. By doing this you will be amazed at how accommodating they can be and what special deals you will come across. Always make sure you have not missed out on a better deal by doing your research.

There are many ‘Limo Brokers’ who do not own any limousines, but they masquerade as if they own a limo company. They are what is more commonly referred to as the middleman and only take reservations for companies that do have a fleet of limos in DC. These people will charge you a fee and once they have your cash or credit card they will completely deny responsibility for the service you receive.

Take the time to go online and to check out reviews from customers who have previously made use of the Limo company you are considering hiring, before you make a choice. Check that the company has a high BBB rating and you should have no trouble locating one that will give you quality service and a great price. It may also be a good idea to visit the limo company and inspect the limos for hire. If you are looking for a ride to a concert you may prefer one style of limo to another. By doing this you can check if the limousine is updated with the latest equipment and fittings such as dual climate A/C system and stereo. The limousines should not lack any of the latest fittings because cheaper prices do not equate to a lesser service.

The state has strict laws regarding licenses and permits that are required by limo companies who operate in the area. Before hiring a particular company you must check that they have all the necessary paperwork and permits in place for their Limousine service. You also need to insist that they give you a signed contract as a guarantee they are going to deliver the service they have agreed to.

It is always best to plan in advance and not leave anything until the last minute if you and a group of friends want to hire a ride to attend a concert at the Verizon Center. Finding the best Limo service can take time, especially if you have never done this before and do not have a referral. Planning in advance will give you ample time to research. By following these tips you are sure to avoid potential disasters and enjoy a special outing.

Traveling in The Capital

DC Limo Services and Airport Travel

If you want to take your business to to the next level, you should really consider hiring a Limo service in DC to collect your clients from the Airport. Airport transfers in Washington can be quite challenging to someone who is not familiar with this city. It is only the veteran travelers who know how to benefit from their itineraries with regard to transportation. However, your business can benefit too. There is nothing better when someone who has had a long journey gets off the plane, collects their luggage and finds they have a DC Limo waiting to transport them to their destination.

By arranging for a limousine to collect your clients you remove the stress of having to secure reliable transport in a strange place, or having to deal with the cost of transportation. A local DC Limo driver will have the advantage of knowing which routes to take in order to avoid heavy traffic and deliver the client to his destination on time. The client can sit back and relax with a cool drink, and not have to be concerned about where they are going or how they will get there. The DC Limo services in this area offer an assortment of travel options that cover most routes and include neighboring towns.

However, regardless of how reliable a service may appear, it is never a good idea to climb into the first vehicle that is waiting before checking their credentials or confirming that they have been sent by someone you are acquainted with, to collect you. You could end up lost and abandoned in unfamiliar territory. Don’t leave your luggage unattended for any reason. Even though DC is commonly known as a risk free travel destination, one should always use their common sense and be aware of strangers who may attempt to take advantage of visitors.

When making a booking with a DC Limo company a certificate of Traveling Legal Liability should be obtained, so that you can be sure all passengers and luggage will be safe and secure. This insurance cover will guarantee the protection of all passengers during airport transfers, to and from the airport. Hiring the best or most suitable DC Limo service for your clients should not be a problem with all the choices available. Consider the number of years a service has been in business and you will know how well established and experienced they are. Limo services that have been around for some time are well able to meet the requirements of their clients, and because they are familiar with the area their service is going to prove better than that of a newer limo service.

By obtaining recommendations from others who have previously made use of these services, you will be able to clearly ascertain their reputation and reliability. You will be able to choose a model of limo from the range offered that will best reflect your business. Thorough research of the available services will also ensure that you remain within your set transportation budget. At the same time it is important to note that the cheapest Limo service will not always provide you with the type of quality service you expect. It is always advisable to compare pricing and choose great quality service together with an average price.